Make It Pop, LEGO Mindstorms, Seth Godin vs. Guy Kawasaki, 2013 Killer Infographics

Make It Pop, 2013
Killer Infographics
“Make it Pop!” one of the most subjective, yet widely used phrases on the planet can haunt any designer in their sleep. But the phrase goes beyond design, with industries everywhere using it to request an improvement (of some kind) to the original product. In an attempt to bring clarity to this vague term, we created this infographic and motion graphic to help show the world what “Make it Pop” actually means across genres. With copy created by our witty Senior Content Specialist Josh, design by Senior Designer Alaina, and motion graphics (complete with an original score) by our Animation Guru Graham, this infographic and motion graphic is sure to make things pop!

LEGO Mindstorms, 2013
Killer Infographics
In anticipation of LEGO’s MINDSTORMS 15th anniversary, we were asked to create this motion graphic and infographic for them. Of course, we needed some inspiration, so LEGO sent us a MINDSTORMS robot of our own to build and use as a 3D model for all the illustrations in these designs.

Designed by: Alaina Johnson, our Senior Designer extroidinare
Animated by: Graham Cox, our Animation Guru
Original Score by: David Caldwell, an amazing local composer here in Seattle

Seth Godin vs. Guy Kawasaki, 2013
Killer Infographics
No Description.

Animation and Sound Design: Graham Cox



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The Collider Exhibition Series examines the impact, implications and inspiration of the phenomenon generally categorized under the umbrella term New Media within the design practice and fine arts.

The theme for Collider:C6 is data.


Jer Thorp Lecture

October 11, 2013 12:00pm

Closing Reception

October 11, 2013 4:00-6:00pm